You Can't See Everything at Once


February 2018, 48 Hours



You Can't See Everything at Once was made for Alakajam 2.

The theme was "you can't see everything".

It is a retro platformer in which the player must chose between seeing themselves or the level.


You Can't See Everything at Once came 4th place overall for Alakajam #2.


Gameplay Designer


Sound Designer


Retro Feel

Getting the game to feel retro was by far the largest challenge we encountered during development. It can be difficult to get a game to feel old in a modern engine like Unity. To make it feel like an old platformer, I made my own physics for the player character. This makes the physics feel better, even though they're nowhere near realistic. The art direction, borrowing the GameBoy color pallette also plays a large part in making the game feel more retro.