You Can't See Everything at Once


February 2018, 48 Hours



You Can't See Everything at Once was made for Alakajam 2.

The theme was "you can't see everything".

It is a retro platformer in which the player must chose between seeing themselves or the level.


You Can't See Everything at Once came 4th place overall for Alakajam #2.


Gameplay Designer

I designed the platforming gameplay and the view switching mechanic.


I programmed the character controller, UI, level management and view switching.

Tweening animations were done with iTween.

Sound Designer

I created all the sounds and music from the game by starting with a procedurally generated base and modifying it to fit in the game.


Retro Feel

Getting the game to feel retro was by far the largest challenge we encountered during development. It can be difficult to get a game to feel old in a modern engine like Unity. To make it feel like an old platformer, I made my own physics for the player character. This makes the physics feel better, even though they're nowhere near realistic. The art direction, borrowing the GameBoy color pallette also plays a large part in making the game feel more retro.