Annedroids: Junkyard Jam


September 2015 - February 2016



A basketball game where you get into position, aim and chose the amount of force to launch your basketball into the net.

It features two modes:

Junkyard 21 in which you compete to reach 21 points first.

Obstacle in which you try to get the ball into a net by bouncing it off of obstacles.

The game was designed to teach young children physics in an entertaining and engaging way.


Junior Level Designer

I designed levels for the game.


Designing for Young Kids

Designing for young kids proved to be a challenge for me at first since it was the first time I'd ever had to consider making a game for such a young audience. Things most designers don't even think about, like basic game literacy (understanding traditional control layouts) and the patience of a player are things that I had to take into account working on this game.

At first my levels were getting rejected for being too difficult, even though I considered them fairly easy. This made me reconsider what easy meant for the game. They were easy for me, an adult player, but they probably wouldn't have been for a young child. I went back to paper with my designs and managed to make a few levels that got approved and put in the game.

I learned a lot from this experience about understanding and designing for your target audience.