March 2017, 4 Days



Discogreement is a 2 to ∞ local multiplayer disco dance strategy game in which 2 teams try to take control of the dance floor by dancing on it's tiles.

Dance to capture tiles and turn the floor to your teams color. You can also activate powerups and push and shove your opponents.




Happy Fun Times

Happy Fun Times (a phone controller plugin) was an interesting design challenge to work around. It has somewhat limited input schemes and creating a custom one was far beyond the scope of our project considering the time we had to complete it. The largest issue with HFT was the lack of buttons. At most, you could have a DPAD and 2 Buttons. At first this presented a problem to our game since we needed movement, a dash button, an attack button and a dance button.

To fix this we got creative. The first thing we realized was that the dash and the attack were very similar, which led us to make them the same thing. The dash became our attack, and thus we cut down on a button. But then we realized that you only ever danced while not moving. What this meant was, we didn't need a button for dancing anymore. Instead, dancing would occur when no other input was present.

We cut the game down to a DPAD for movement and a single button for dashing. I think this really made the game a lot easier to pick up and play, which is important for a game designed to be played by passing crowds.