January 2018, 1 Week



Demons is a short top down shooter that is tailored by your choices.

It was developed in a week with the goal of creating a game with emotional meaning and impact.


Demons has been featured on and PC Gamer.


Gameplay Designer



Designing for Emotion

The largest challenge with Demons was designing mechanics that were able to convey and evoke various emotions while still being entertaining and engaging. Our goal was to make a gameplay heavy game that relied on the player's actions to tell our story.

This is what lead to the light system I designed. It makes the player feel weak but not helpless. Shooting, getting hit and running depletes your light. This adds a sense of urgency and danger to any action taken in the game. The light can be refilled at lightposts, representative of people you can lean on or ask for help. The posts fill up the light rapidly, which makes the whole system fair and fun, while still carrying the meaning it was intended to.