I Make Games

Hey there everyone! My name's Sebastian Scaini. I'm a Gameplay Designer based in Toronto Ontario as well as a Game Design Student at Sheridan College.

I love making games, especially for game jams. Some people tell me a little too much.

Over the past 2 years I've released over 100 games and I've got no intentions of slowing down or stopping.

My passion lies in Game Design, creating interesting mechanics and systems that interact to make for an engaging play experience. I also really like programming and am proficient in Unity C#, JavaScript and other smaller, more obscure languages.

I’ve also got experience working on alternative controller games and installation games which have been showcased all across North America.

I'm always looking to work and jam with new people and am very active in the local indie scene here in Toronto. If you see me at any events, be sure to say hi!

A big thanks to Liam McAlinden and Justin Reinsma for the art they made for the website.